Are Boys Still Mean Because They Like You?

Remember in grade school when some annoying boy sat behind you in class and kept pulling your ponytail non-stop? And when you’re on your way home from your exhausting day of fifth grade, and you’re in the back seat of your family’s oversized Denali XL bitching your poor mother’s ear off about how aggravating this stupid boy was in class that day, and she answers:
“Honey, it’s because he likes you… boys are always mean to the girls they have crushes on”

Well, I’d like to know if that god forsaken unwritten rule still stands… asking for a friend, of course.

Picture this. You and your girlfriends change your GNO plans to GNI, after your BFF spends your precious pregame time bawling her eyes out after the guy she’s hooking up with totally dissed her in front of his whole squad.

We’ve all been there.

You’re trying to get ready for your night out while this poor pathetic thing just cannot get her shit together because how mean the “love of her life” was to her, and you’re sitting there trying to make her feel better, but in the back of your mind thinking- Why was so mean to her?

That means he must likes her, right? Right? I mean, am I wrong to comfort her with the classic line “Aw honey, its okay. He just was trying to show off, he really does like you”?

I need answers.

I guess the real question I have here is how do you know somebody likes you? How do you know that someone has a crush on you? What’s the difference between liking someone and having a crush on them? Is there a difference?

Our girl world society today has this weird stamina against ‘boys that share how they feel.’ It honestly makes our lives 10x more difficult, and yet I participate in the stamina. And I guarantee, so do you.

If a guy I barely know into slides in my DMs with some clever pick up line and tells me he’s “always wanted to take me out” (not that that ever happens, this is hypothetical, of course) I’m probably going to think that’s kinda effing creepy, and reply with a soft ‘thanks but no thanks’ reply followed by a classic ‘block’.
Shallow? Maybe, but that’s the way we think as girls.

Then we spend our Friday nights laying in our beds on FaceTime with our roommates stressing out about the guy who ditched us to go out with his friends, ignored you at the bar even though he just slept over your place last night, or keeps you on read when you text him about a plan that he made. It just doesn’t make sense.

We’re prone to thinking those guys that actually do tell us that they like us are lying, being creepy, or are sliding into 10 other bitches DMs with the exact same line, meanwhile the ones that give their attention just as fast as they take it away are the ones that actually like us. Why?

Does anyone else get confused by this? At what age did it go from “he just has a crush on you, don’t take it personally” to “Girl, f*ck him, he’s just messing with your head.”

Maybe there’s a happy-medium to this unanswered question. Maybe boys really don’t know why they pick on us. Maybe some guys are natural born as*holes, while some legit do not know how to let their balls drop and man up enough to tell a girl how he really feels.

*Sips tea*

Harsh, but so is the sh*t they put us through.

That’s all folks. If you have any answers about the enigma that is a male’s mind, feel free to share, I’m sure we could all benefit from some insight.


Love Goggles


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