Why is ‘Ghosting’ a Thing?

First off let me just say, I get it- sometimes you’re just not that into someone, and you don’t know how to politely let them down without shattering their heart into a million tiny pieces and dealing with the outrageous drama from their friends that comes after, likeeeee

-unknowingly competing in stare-downs from across the bar when you’re talking to another girl,
-the group chat screen shots involving the ghosted & some one nighter that goes up on her snap story, ‘mysteriously’ scratching out half the convo with “You Go Girl” gifs plastered over it attempting to make you ‘jealous’
-hearing through the grapevine that a friend of a friend of the girl you ghosted talked to your mom’s cousin’s friend’s sister’s fiancè, trying to get the smallest speckle dirt on WTF you’re up too now-a-days
-the gray Nissan with the lights off thats driven by your house 8 times house to see if a sus car is in the driveway that they’ve never seen..
you know, the normal post-ghost shit that goes down in love goggle land.

Sooo, you begin to low key stop answering their texts, don’t call, barely hang out until the both of you lose interest at the same time and you can move on happily ever after, the end.

Well, that’s the ideal scenario, but this whole ‘ghosting’ trend that has been evident in this stupid generation lately is honestly cruel to all the sensitive little bitches out there, like myself.

For those of you who don’t know what ghosting is either because you’re old as shit or don’t get out much, let me explain.

Ghosting is when you’re in the talking stage with a special someone, and for some reason (let it be you just wanted their attention for a little, you were bored, your love goggles took over, you wanted to f*ck, or you found someone w a littttle bit of a bigger dick) you want to break it off.
But, instead of being a decent, mature human being, (classic millennial) you slip away from them silently off into the night, never to be seen or heard from again. It sucks, because most of the time the person getting ghosted is way too emotionally invested, and the ghosty never leaves an explanation, closure, or right or wrong reason for the said, ghost. They’re just, gone.

I don’t think people boys understand how bad it really messes with you when you’re blind-sided like that. It’s hellllaaa confusing to go from hanging out with someone, hooking up, or talking everyday, to never hearing from them again. It makes the person ghosted feel, in my girl Cardi B’s words “flawed because you inconsistent.”

Like, we’re not on the f*cking Bachelor, we didn’t sign up for you to not give us the rose at the end of our (what we thought was) fabulous one-on-one.

Someone walk me through the thought process of a ghoster, please, because I can’t wrap my brain around it. If you’re doing it to avoid the conflict, drama, and the crazy, you’re better off being real and explaining what your thoughts are, because let me tell you if any girls out there are wearing love goggles and see themselves walking down the aisle towards their future ghoster, to then never hear from them again, the crazy is coming at you harder than you expect, my friend. The bullets listed up there ain’t nothin.

It’s always better to be straight up with someone. If you’re not looking for anything serious- tell them. You just want a one night stand- tell them. Chances are us girls are just as desperate horny as you pigs boys are, and also we’re here for a good f*ck and chuck. Don’t ever underestimate us.

So really, I’m here to start a petition. #EndTheGhosting. I think it could really get a movement going, and save everyone a god damn headache and heartache, don’t you think?

God I’m such a good person.

So let’s f*cking do it people. Use the power of p*ssy and social media to good use and trend this sh*t.

#EndTheGhosting #EndTheGhosting #EndTheGhosting.

Lol if anyone has anything to say about ghosting, feel free to leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what these men with manginas who can’t speak their real mind to girls they leave behind have to say on here 🙂


Love Goggles


One thought on “Why is ‘Ghosting’ a Thing?

  1. You made me laugh ! Yeah it’s super weird to just disappear from someone’s life and say nothing. I’m thinking that if someone does that they are not worth being part of my life after all. But it sucks, truly !


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